Moments with You Couples Devotional 5/6


Prayer Starters 

Be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer. 1 PETER 4:7

If you’re trying to pray together regularly as a couple, here’s a very workable outline and some suggestions that you can follow. Perhaps you’ve heard of the ACTS method, using the four letters in that word to frame your prayers for each day:

A is for Adoration. Worship and adore God for His love, grace and forgiveness. Praise Him for His work in your marriage and family. 

C is for Confession. Agree with God about any sin that needs to be confessed before you make requests for  His help, clearing your heart to be pure minded in your petitions. 

T is for Thanksgiving. Thank God for your spouse, your children, your job, your home—anything He brings to mind. 

S is for Supplication. Ask Him for those things that are heavy on your heart— a child struggling at school, physical and spiritual needs in your family, financial trouble, etc. Don’t worry about impressing Him with religious language.  

Remember that praying is both reverential and relational. You might also want to take turns praying—one of you tonight, the other tomorrow—as you each grow more comfortable doing this together. And so that you don’t feel like you’re always covering the same ground every time, consider having a different focus for each day’s prayer. On Sunday, pray for the coming week’s activities. Monday, pray for your marriage and children. 

Tuesday, pray for your extended family. Wednesday, pray for coworkers and other work-related issues. Thursday, pray for church leaders and needs. Friday, pray for national and international events. Saturday, devote to praise. Finally, hold hands or hold one another when you pray. Praying together is intimate conversation together with Almighty God. Creating expectations like these can help make your prayer together more meaningful, less routine and more natural over time. It can help you cross those hurdles that threaten to kick you back into prayerlessness. 


Talk about your prayer time together. What would work best for you? How can you begin to pray together every day? 


Thank God for always being there, always hearing your prayers and always wanting the best for you. 

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