Moments with You Couples Devotional 5/12

MAY 12

Not Without a Fight 

It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear. ISAIAH 65:24

Barbara and I pray together every night, and there have been times when our prayers before bedtime have been little more than two or three sentences: “Thank You, Lord, for getting us through this day. We’re tired. Good night. Amen.” And there have been other times when our hearts have been fraught with distress. Since we started this journey together in 1972, we’ve asked God for just about everything—big deals, little deals and every deal in between. 

For instance, when our boys were 14 and 12, they began to maul each other like professional wrestlers. I’m not talking about fun-loving horseplay. Something about the proximity of their ages as they entered adolescence set them at odds with each other, and their fighting started getting out of hand. One night they even ripped a door off its hinges! We disciplined them fairly severely for this, as you might imagine. We made them pay for the damage. But we knew that this wasn’t enough to repair whatever had come between them. I still remember the night we offered up the prayer of desperate parents: “Lord, we feel like we’re losing this battle with our boys. Will You find some way to knit their hearts together?”

Several days later our older son, Benjamin, asked to talk with us. The previous night he had dreamed that his brother, Samuel, was killed in a car accident. Benjamin woke up crying because he missed him. He felt convicted that he wasn’t really appreciating Samuel like he should. He wanted to become a better older brother. This experience did not totally end their sibling warfare. But it was exciting for Barbara and me to see God answering our prayer by divinely orchestrating this circumstance. We were reminded again that prayers aren’t just spoken into thin air. Prayers are heard. And prayers are answered.


As you look at your circumstances, what do you two need to ask God about? What need do you have that only God can fulfill? 


You fill in the blank: “Lord, we ask you today _______.” 

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