Spiritual Life

6 Things to Avoid Neglecting, Even amidst Pandemic on Easter

It’s understandable that many personal habits and life disciplines have been thrown off by the global reaction to COVID-19. However, when we are tired, stressed, busy, and focused on other things—even good and important things—we need to avoid neglecting some of the smaller, but no less significant, responsibilities of life—spiritual disciplines among them.

The Power of Receiving Communion at Home during Quarantine

Right now millions of believers assume they can't receive Communion at home. However, before the coronavirus rocked our world, millions were already taking Communion in hiding because of persecution. False assumptions are what the enemy wants. We don't need a church building to serve Communion. Here's how to receive it at home.

Is Fear about Pandemic a Sin?

Fear is a natural reaction, but we can choose what we do with it. Here are 5 tips for when we find ourselves fearful, how can we respond in a way that honors God and doesn’t give Satan a foothold in our lives?


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